About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Hawthorne Orchard is a student-led organization based in Eden Prairie, which works together to help the community by hosting activities for people of all ages with the intention to take care of the environment, encourage learning, make information more accessible, or fund money for positive causes.

 In the past, Hawthorne Orchard has hosted Youth Education Seminars with guest speakers to help introduce various career opportunities and paths for their futures, as well as trash collection events at local parks as a social and environmentally-beneficial activity. Currently, Hawthorne Orchard is focused on providing helpful information online for anybody to reference that deals with current events and circumstances.


Katelyn Liu

Katelyn Liu is a 9th grader at the Eden Prairie High School. She is interested in journalism, singing, dance and music.

Lily Liu

Lily Liu is a rising junior at The Blake School and enjoys reading, cooking, backpacking, and listening to ‘80s music in her free time.

Sophia Liu

Sophia Liu is a 9th grader at Minnetonka High School.


Jenny Quan

Jenny Quan is a 10th grader at Minnetonka High School


Nathan Sun

Nathan Sun is a junior at Minnetonka High School. He loves eating bagels and loves bagels with a passion.

April Wang

April Wang is a 10th grader at Minnetonka High School. Her hobbies include ballet, piano, and violin, and she also enjoys reading, writing, drawing, gymnastics, and many other things she wants to do but never finds the time for.

Elizabeth Wang

Elizabeth Wang is a Junior at Minnetonka High School. She enjoys all things artistic and is currently trying to train her pet budgie!

Benjamin Yang

Benjamin Yang is a 10th grader attending school out-of-state.

Jerry Zhang

Jerry Zhang is a 10th grader at Minnetonka High School, enjoying a number of activities and subjects including competition math, science, tennis, and playing percussion. He also takes pleasure in playing dungeons and dragons with his friends.

Annie Zhao

Annie Zhao attends Minnetonka High School as a 10th grader.