Beauty of Mathematics

Updated: Feb 1

In our current circumstances, inspiration may be hard to come by. However, we hope to bring a bit of beauty and ingenuity into our community: last November, we started an initiative to kickstart a new series of interviews, lectures, and seminars known as the "Beauty of" series. So, for our first event, we decided to do a recorded video detailing three concepts in mathematics.

We are first taken on a journey into ancient Greece as we explore Zeno's dichotomy paradox, discovering how an impossible race evolves into the first infinite geometric series problem.

Next, we journey north to Königsberg (modern-day Kaliningrad-Oblast) and walk alongside the townspeople on their famous seven bridges. Follow along as these wandering paths develop a whole field of mathematics: graph theory.

Finally, we see how Dutch mathematician Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn built upon the foundations of graph theory established by Euler to invent constructs known as the "de Bruijn cycle" and the "de Bruijn sequence." Investigate how this data structure has significant applications in biology, relating to DNA sequencing.

Attached is the pdf of the slides:

Download PDF • 2.10MB

Stay tuned for more "Beauty of" events!

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